About T3 & T4 engines

Parra Tigers are a improved version of  2.5cc (T3) and 3.2cc (T4) engines  used for vintage purposes  but with  more technical changes to obtain better performances. Sure that  new Parra T3 and T4 diesel engines will be one of better machines at the market.


It can be used  for Vintage competitions in combat or racing by experienced sportsman with knowledge in diesel motors. This engine is legal for BMFA rules:

Parra T3: Barton Classic 15, British Good Year, Vintage Team Racing class A, Oliver tiger combat, Vintage Combat.

Parra T4: Vintage Combat, Vintage Team Racing class B, 

Here are some of technical features of this Vintage style engine:

* Tiger 3  = 156 grams and Tiger 4 = 168 grams

* All meassures on metric

* Special head design with grip to attach setting screw on place.

* Brass setting screw for avoid loose during flight.

* Steel Chromed cylinder and high quality piston. Fixed with a cylinder pin.

T3 standard 2017


* For T3, two Special hight quality Ball Bearings; front 6x15x5 mm and rear 10x22x6 mm. Both with C4 axial play.

* For T4, two special hight quality ball bearings: front 6x15x5mm and rear 12x21x5 mm with C4 axial play.

 Prop driver with anti-snag of combat cord

* Ultra strong  and light weight quality balanced shaft, with chromed shaft-pin.

* High quality connecting rod with two bushing.

* 14,40 mm crankcase holes to adapt the engine at your combat or racing Vintage models with Oliver , Rothwell and other type of engines.

* Oversized crankcase reinforcement for improve strength

* Easy to dismanteling NVA assembly and ventury. Improve sealing and strength.

* Compact NVA for not break in case of collision.

* Easy to start and very powerfull.

* All spare parts available.

* And of course, with the best friendly service and direct technical assistance.

PISTON LAPPING TOOLS AVAILABLE FOR THIS ENGINE. Get more performances from your engine..!!



T3 especial 1


T4 and T3 are available in Especial version. This Special engines are selected better fit of bearings to crankshaft. This ensures more smoother running of crankshaft.

Also, the piston is refined by means of grinding and lapped carefully, tested on bench and lapped .Is a close as possible to those parameters that are obtained after running-in. That means the maximum power can be obtained from the engine almost immediately, but it is necessary made a short running-in 15-20 minutes rich mode with a gradual output at maximum speed.


ots vs ringmaster T4

Parra T4 engine installed on Old Time Stunt models, using 10x5 propellers and 50 cc tank

IMG 20200912 151303

Ringmaster original with Parra T4 and 10x5 Master Airscrew propeller. This hight torque and long stroke 3,2 cc engine  can move propellers designed for 5,5 - 6,5 cc engines.

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