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Hello friends. Following engines are  made in Ukraine. Due to the Russian invasion of  Ukraine with murders of innocent civilians, the engines are not available by now. 

ENGINE SV HAWK F2F and F2CN 2019 made by Vladimir Sosnovsky for use in F2F and F2CN Competitions. Classic sleeve-piston set to obtain maximum performances with easy maintenance. Uses lastest material and technology for COMPETITION.  New rotate valve with 4 halves in order to rotate to use in different configuration., new crankcase, new crankshaft with fixation of rear ball bearing. Also front Ball bearing is fixed by a threaded ring.



PISTON LAPPING TOOLS AVAILABLE FOR THIS ENGINE. Get more performances from your engine..!!

SV Hawk 2

SV - HAWK  racing engine for F2F and F2CN  Competition

SV hawk 1

Sosnovsky is the engineer and producer of this engine

sv pair

Rotate valve comes with 4 holes in order to rotate the rear cover to desired position. This facilitates the mounting of engine in differents types of models.

ENGINE SV-F2C 2019 made by Vladimir Sosnovsky for use in F2C Sport. Integral cylinder. Uses lastest material and technology for COMPETITION. Comes with 3 mm ventury as new rules for F2C. New rotate valve, new crankcase, crankshaft.


Engine SV-F2C - 2015 SPORT COMPETITION engine


TANK FOR F2C (7 cc) 2019

two types shutoff lever: upright or downright lever

sv tank1

Front view multifunction tank

sv tank2

easy to change, 15 cc canister for F2F use

sv tank3

shutoff view

WHEELS for F2F  28 mm dia and  3 mm shaft

F2C wheels

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