About Parra 2.5 engine

Designed and produced in Europe by the best especialist. 

Developed over 2 years with extensive testing by the best racing and combat  control line specialists.

All steel Chromed SSC, ABC and AAC version, diesel or glow engines, are available depending your choice and uses you need.

Made from the highest quality to the finest fits and tolerances possible using modern machinery and up to date workmanship

Unique in its class as a multipurpose engine  suitable for use in F2CN racing, Formula 15 racing, Euro-combat, F2F racing, F2E combat, F2D combat trainings, Free flight or simply sport flight.

wombat dislers

Maris Dislers (Australia) with WOMBAT model powered by Parra 2,5 AAC engine and 8x6 propeller


 A host of great features including, optional silencer adaptor for Enya silencer.

- 2.5 SSCdiesel 160 gr.  *  2.5 SSCglow 158 gr. * 2.5 ABC diesel 152 gr  *  

- 2.5 ABC glow 150 gr.  *  2.5 AAC diesel 147gr  *  2.5 AAC glow 145 gr

IMG 20180720 134541

Parra 2.5 Glow version

- Easy , quick starting, high power output

- 2.5cc ; .15ci diesel or glow versions.

- Free mounting screws

- Steel  Chromed cylinder (SSC), because chrom is more solid as the hardened steel. Also the coefficient of friction of the steel piston is more low from all materials.It improves the power capacity. 

- Brass Chromed cylinder (ABC), and light weight aluminium piston, perfect adjust in warm conditions.
- Aluminium-Chromed cylinder (AAC) and  light weight aluminium piston , at lastets technology, maximum heat dissipation, less vibrations and booster power.

- Very close fits, therefore  requires little running in, average 5 tanks of fuel only

- Fitting of sleeve in crankcase has anti rotation stop

- Aluminium con-rod with bronze & lubrication holes

- Circlips retain the wrist pin

IMG 20180720 134705

Parra 2.5 with vintage diesel head

- Large diameter , twin ballrace crankshaft

- Prop driver with anti-snag of combat cord

- Extra short protected needle with bent inlet

- Hole in crankcase web to attach security wire

- Aluminium rear cover screws into place. Also in chromed version for glow engines.

- Latest design and technology of 2 piece cylinder head & contra piston. Two piece glow head for Nelson or standart type glow plug.

- The compression screw using the same spanner as the prop nut

- Adapter for Enya M154 or tongue muffler.

- 15º Adapter for combat F2D silencer

- New tunned SPECIAL mini- pipe.

- Available R/C carburettor.

- Duraluminium 3º offset combat mount.

- Multi-wrench, for remove rear cover, head, propeller and setting compression..

AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL RULES listed as an approved engine::



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