ENGINE SV - HAWK 2.5 cc (Vladimir Sosnovsky)

SV Hawk 2



 Diesel engine for racing F2F or F2C with rear rotary valve

Weight, only 150 gr

Piston liner AAC of classic type.

Front and rear bearing fixed by threaded ring. Fully removable.

Special finishing and adjustment of the rotary valve

Rear cover made of phenolic material that insulates carburation from heat.



The front ball bearing is fixed with a reverse thread ring. Be careful when you disassemble it. Once the ring has been unscrewed, some heat is necessary to remove the bearing.

The rear ball bearing is fixed to the crankshaft with a threaded ring with normal thread. To remove the crankshaft it is necessary to heat the crankcase (120º approx.) until the crankshaft-bearing assembly slides out without forcing the crankshaft.

SV Hawk parts

The rear bearing fixing nut is threaded and fixed with Loctite 270 or similar fastener. Before disassembling the ring, heat the crankshaft to 50 - 90 ºC to facilitate unscrewing.

The rotary valve has 4 holes for connecting to the crankshaft. Pay attention to which hole you mount it. When the piston begins the ascent, the rotay valve should start to open.


A mix of 10% Castor oil, 36% Diethyl ether, 54% Kerosene and add 1.6 - 1.8% DII3 or similar per liter of fuel is recommended.



APC 6.5 x 6.5 - APC 7x6




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