Webra wiinner 1.5

Fantastic Webra Winner 1,5 cc Diesel engine. Fantastic conditions and never run. Price is 200 euros

webra mach 1

Beautifull engine Webra Mach 1 diesel. Very good conditions, as new. Perfect compression, only run. Price is 250 euros

MAC 10

Engine for inboard boat MAC 10. Absolutelly new 10 cc engine for marine use. Price is 100 euros

20220317 181626

Fantastic RF..060 micro DIESEL engine. Double ball bearings, fantistic sound and run. Can be used for Free Flight or control line..!! Absolutelly new. Price is 100 euros 

20220317 202611

Fantastic RF..049 micro DIESEL engine. This engine is early production, Can be used for Free Flight or control line..!! Absolutelly new. Price is 60 euros 


Famous ED Mark II Diesel 2,00 cc engine. The conditions are as new. Original Box, insturctions and spare tank. Perfect compression!!. Price is 150 euros 

webra silencers

Original WEBRA mufflers for Webra Record. New conditions. Only two units available. Price per unit 25 euros


OS LA-15 parts. RC carb 20 euro each - mufflers 20 euro each - rear cover 15 euro each washer 5 euro - nuts 2 euro each - nozzle 10 euro each


OS PET 09 (1,5 cc) good use and compression.Engine for 30 euro

MVVS parts

MVVS 12 spares. Crankcase 20 euro, ABC cylinder set 30 euro, head 10 euro, nut 1 euro, cone 3 euro, prop driver 6 euro, washer 2 euro, BB 3 euro each, venturi 4 euro, gasket 1 euro, shim 1 euro, shaft 15 euro.

modela 2 diesel

MODELA 2 cc diesel cylinder set  . 30 euro per set


Spark Plug NGK  CM-6 for use in Pulse jet start. Price is 10 euros

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