Glow plugs

TCA nº2 GLOW PLUG (Italy)

Developed specially for competition F2D, F3D RC pilon, F2A Control line Speed, F1C, etc. Hight quality glow plugs made in Italy. with 11/32"x32 threaded. (and 3/8" wrench).

The hole where the filament is lodged is of 2,62 mm

The diameters of the filaments are the following:

Nº1 and Nº2  is 0,14 mm. -  Nº3 is 0,17 mm - Nº4 is 0,19 mm - Nº5 is 0,21 - Nº6 is 0,23 -

Nº7 is 0,25 - Nº8 is 0,27 - Nº9 is 0,29

TCA glow plug


tca glow plug f2b

Ultraquality nº 3  (hot grade) Glow  plug made in Italy  to use in F2B aerobatics with standard 1/4-32"  threaded.

   MERLIN glow plug + clamp for COX .049 engines

Glow plug + clamp for COX engines

                             MERLIN 2019A set  1 x head + 3 Glow plugs for COX engines

                             MERLIN 2019 glow plug for COX engines

                             2020 Clamp ring for COX


Made in the USA glow plugs with 1/4-32" standard threaded. This is a very cheap and multipurpose glow plug



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                          414CDP-  FALSE GLOW PLUG for conversion glow to diesel

SULLIVAN Glow plug clip


Universal Sullivan Glow Plug clip for engines from 0,5 cc - 15 cc

SULLIVAN Glow plug clip with cable

sullivan clip cable

same clip from sullivan with cable

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