Glow plugs


Developed specially for competition F2D. Also uses in F3D RC pilon, F2A Control line Speed. Hight quality glow plugs made in Italy. 

TCA glow plug



Developed specially for competition F3D (RC pilon), F2A, F2B, F2D. Hight quality glow plugs made in the USA. Competition glow plugs for Aerobatics, Combat,  Racing, Speed and Sport uses Ceramic.

Seal  in  different colors for easy identification.

merlin colors

MERLIN NELSON type glow plug and Globee


                   Standard coil               Globee type              Globee drop-in

You can use Merlin glow plugs on Nelson type heads with 11/32"x32 threaded.

For DROP-IN plugs is neccesary 11/32"x32 threaded brass collar for setting to head (and 3/8" wrench).

Filament thick is 0,175 mm for HOT, 0,20 mm for MEDIUM & COLD and 0,25 mm for HD COLD.

MERLIN STANDARD threaded  1/4-32"

2004 for precision CL aerobatics, 0% nitro HOT

2005 for precision CL aerobatics, 0-15% nitro HOT

MERLIN glow plug + clamp for COX .049 engines

 Head + 3 glow plugs for Cox (2019 A)

2019 Glow plug for Cox engine

MERLIN Nelson Type (11/32"x32") medium (Green) F2A-F3D

MERLIN Nelson Type (11/32"x32") hot (Red) F2A-F3D

MERLIN Nelson Type (11/32"x32") medium (Green) F2A-F3D GloBee

MERLIN Nelson Type (11/32"x32") hot (Red) F2A-F3D GloBee

MERLIN Nelson Type (11/32"x32") heavy duty F3D-F2D  GloBee  (0,25 mm filament)

MERLIN STD Type (1/4-32") Precision CL aerobatics 0% nitro

MERLIN STD Type (1/4-32") Precision CL aerobatics 0-15% nitro

MERLIN Drop-in 7 Type, hot (red) F2A-F3D GloBee

MERLIN Drop-in 8 Type, medium (green) F2A-F3D GloBee

MERLIN Drop-in 10 Type, cold (black) F2A-F3D GloBee (0,25 mm filament)

MERLIN 2019A set  1 x head + 3 Glow plugs for COX engines

MERLIN 2019 glow plug for COX engines

2020 Clamp ring for COX

Roug head  with 11/32"x32" for made your own heads

11/32"x32" Threaded brass collar for setting Drop-in glow plugs


Made in Japan

4C -  Very hot for use 4 Stroke and   2 strokes F2B engines

NO. 3 Hot for use  in aerobatics F2B - multipurpose 2 & 4 Strokes

NO. 4  Medium-hot for use in  Aerobatics and sport with nitro

NO. 5  Medium for use in  Aerobatics and sport with nitro

NO. 6  Cold for use in  Sport and hight rpm engines with nitro

414CDP-  FALSE GLOW PLUG for conversion glow to diesel

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